名 稱:

Paracetamol (Acetaminophen):
Standard Power
Fine Power
Micronized Power
Dense Power
Special Crystal
Paracetamol + Sodium Benzoate

Direct Compression Paracetamol

DC 73
DC 77
DC 85
DC 90 Corse
DC 90 Fine
DC 96 10% starch
DC 96 4% PVP
DC 83.33
APAP+Diphenhydramine HCI DC
Paracetamol Microencapsulated
Paracetamol Tablet 500kg , 350kg

Conform to current EP/USP/JP specification
With cGMP,COS,FDA,TGA approved\
Packing:50kg,100kg Fibre drum / 50kg,350kg,600kg PP Bag